The mission of Fisher Creative is to deliver the most compelling, story-based, fresh, and unique still and motion content.



founder / photographer / director / cinematographer

Fisher Creative is a world-class production house comprised of the best people in the industry who share a collective passion for creating the most compelling, story-driven, fresh and unique still or motion content. Top industry brands such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, The North Face, Smartwool, Stio and Black Diamond work with Mark and Fisher Creative on a regular basis because of their ability to always think outside of the box, deliver stunning content, exceed expectations, go the extra mile, and be a really fun and easygoing crew to work with in the field.

Mark Fisher, founder of Fisher Creative, is an internationally recognized, award-winning photographer, director, and cinematographer. Mark fell in love with photography close to thirty years ago and has developed his lifelong passion for creating images into a successful career. As an athlete and former international mountain guide, mark is also intimately aware of the nuances relevant to the subjects and pursuits he documents. Mark is able to thrive in challenging, remote, and technical locations, but also work well in frenetic urban environments, consistently creating decisive, authentic, powerful, beautiful and timeless imagery.

Mark is equally at home directing large and complex international commercial shoots, using myriad camera systems for both still or motion pictures, or piloting complex drones in exotic locations. This adaptability and diverse skill set allows Mark to work across disciplines for a large and diverse international clientele. He has been featured in over fifty editorial publications throughout the world. He has also been selected for PDN 30, won the Adobe Rising Star award, lectured at the Annenberg Center for Photography, has been featured in PDN and Communication Arts Photo Annuals, and was a Fulbright Scholar. Most recently, Mark’s work is part of the International museum exhibition: Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the present.



co-founder / cinematographer / lead editor

Eric Daft is an accomplished cinematographer and editor with a passion for filmmaking. Well-crafted compositions, dramatic light, and an eye for unique details are cornerstones of Eric’s cinematography.

As co-founder of Fisher Creative, Eric has worked on scores of commercial productions as well as award-winning documentaries. Eric was one of the cinematographers, as well as lead editor, for two award-winning films: Myanmar Bridges to Change and Dynafit’s From the Road. Myanmar Bridges to Change, set in one of the most remote corners of the world, documents the quest to climb the highest unclimbed peak in southeast Asia, Gamlang Razi. The film went on to premiere at the Banff Mountain film festival and won numerous awards including best film at the New Zealand adventure film festival and Sedona International film festival.

As a cinematographer Eric is proficient in most every RED, Canon and Sony system. He’s also a highly skilled drone pilot. Eric is a gifted editor with over 16 years’ experience with Adobe Premiere and myriad other editing tools allowing him to deliver polished and edited to perfection pieces that will exceed your expectations. As a music connoisseur, Eric has a knack for editing to and selecting the perfect music, be it licensed commercial music or orchestrating original scores.

Eric is an accomplished athlete with experience ranging from month-long expeditions on remote Alaskan glaciers to epic quests into the unknown corners of the world. Having travelled throughout the world Eric has a deep respect for the locals he meets along the way and has an adaptable, fun-loving spirit that makes him great to work with in any environment.

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Deidre Norman has been a part of the Fisher Creative team for over three years. In addition to being an amazing producer Deidre adds infectious energy, fun, and spontaneous yoga poses to every production. Deidre is dedicated to ensuring that productions run smoothly, still and motion images are crushed, clients are happy, and that the crew is able to function at the highest level.

Deidre has been involved in production for over twenty years. During this time Deidre has worked as a producer for Outdoor Life Network, The History Channel, and PBS. She’s also owned her own wedding and portrait photography business in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to working with Fisher Creative, Deidre is the owner of SF Yoga Magazine, is a Yoga teacher, and has worked in advertising sales for the past 10 years.



location sound mixer / cinematographer

Greg Miller recognizes the power of media to educate, inspire, and move people to action. Driven by a desire to create media that matters, he moved to San Francisco and transitioned his career from outdoor education to filmmaking, completing an MA in Media Studies in 2006. He has been working full-time in film, television, and video production ever since. Documentary lies at the root of his passion, but Greg plays many roles in a diversity of productions. As a location sound mixer he works on programming for National Geographic, PBS, and the Food Network, as well as on feature documentaries, such as Inequality For All, The Pat Tillman Story, and We are Legion. In 2011 he helped release the feature documentary, Patagonia Rising, a project he produced from concept to a theatrical run in New York City. That film has reached audiences from Chile to Europe and is available through its distributor, First Run Features. Most recently he directed a short film - Stylish Spokes: a celebration of biking and women - that will be released in early 2017. Greg continues to freelance as a sound mixer and collaborate on films that help create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.



photographer / cinematographer

David Stubbs is a veteran freelance photographer and cinematographer based in Jackson Hole, WY. When not busy with his own business, David collaborates with Fisher Creative on a variety of international commercial projects. Based in Jackson, Wyoming since 1999, David combines his passions for photojournalism, adventure and environmental stories to produce striking content for editorial, commercial and non-profit clients. David’s authentic style has been awarded at Banff Mountain Film, National Press Photographers, The International Black and White Spider Awards and Eddie Adams.




Joel Fischer is an award-winning freelance photographer currently living in Denver, Colorado. Joel works with Fisher Creative on a variety of international commercial assignments. He has a passion for long-term, in-depth visual storytelling fostered by an education in the physical sciences as well as journalism. With an intent to spark discussion on social, political, and ecological issues, he has pursued stories in such far-reaching locations as Siberia and Bolivia.

He has mentored under the renowned National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry, attended the prestigious Eddie Adams Workshop for his photojournalism, and has worked on assignment for the Associated Press since 2008.

Never far from his heart, the mountains have nurtured a deep reverence for the environment and a healthy enthusiasm for adventure sports such as mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, and backcountry skiing.