• Fisher Creative Reel

    Over the last two years Fisher Creative has had the privilege to work with 17 different clients in 6 countries, 7 states, and over 28 locations. This reel spans work ranging from documenting a monumental mountaineering expedition to an unexplored corner of the Himalaya in northern Myanmar, commercial work for Sony, Mercedes Benz, Dynafit, and Black Diamond Equipment, a Royal Caribbean Marketing Campaign in Alaska, and many others. Moreover, Fisher Creative has produced two award-winning documentary films: Myanmar Bridges to Change and Dynafit's From the Road. Enjoy! Direction and Cinematography: Mark Fisher and Eric Daft Original Music by: Chris Child, kodomomusic.com Original Music and Sound Design: Christopher Liang, audio-dojo.com


Myanmar Bridges to Change Documentary Film Trailer


Infiniti Motors Gobi Driving Edit

The Explorers Club Gobi Expedition Trailer

Fisher Creative Lifestyle Reel

Jacksoin Hole Mountain Guides 50th Trailer

SOUNDTREK Fisher Creative BTS

Black Diamond TV Ad

Treadwall with Sasha DiGiulian

Anvil Hotel Eclipse Short

Vietnam Highlights


Fitzgeralds Bicycles Shop Edit

Black Diamond Avalanche Program Trailer

Habitat-Ride the Tetons

Orbitz 30 Second Commercial spot

Silver Star Communications Marketing Campaign

Bhutan Reel

Royal Caribbean New Zealand Aerial Marketing Campaign

Royal Caribbean South America Aerial Marketing Campaign

Royal Caribbean Norway Marketing Campaign

Royal Caribbean Australia Aerial Marketing Campaign

Royal Caribbean Germany Marketing Campaign

Black Diamond Equipment Helio Ski Marketing Campaign 16'

Black Diamond Equipment LIVE.SKI.REPEAT. Marketing Campaign 15'

Black Diamond Equipment LIVE.SKI.REPEAT. Marketing Campaign 14'

Jay Petervary's record-setting Tour Divide ride

Path of the Pronghorn Documentary

Ski Tibet Short Film Trailer

Dynafit Chugach Ski Commercial

Natural Retreats Key West Fishing Commercial

Fitzgeralds Bicycles Marketing Video

GYDE Architects Marketing Video