co-founder / cinematographer / lead editor

Eric Daft is an accomplished cinematographer and editor with a passion for filmmaking. Well-crafted compositions, dramatic light, and an eye for unique details are cornerstones of Eric’s cinematography.

As co-founder of Fisher Creative, Eric has worked on scores of commercial productions as well as award-winning documentaries. Eric was one of the cinematographers, as well as lead editor, for two award-winning films: Myanmar Bridges to Change and Dynafit’s From the Road. Myanmar Bridges to Change, set in one of the most remote corners of the world, documents the quest to climb the highest unclimbed peak in southeast Asia, Gamlang Razi. The film went on to premiere at the Banff Mountain film festival and won numerous awards including best film at the New Zealand adventure film festival and Sedona International film festival.

As a cinematographer Eric is proficient in most every RED, Canon and Sony system. He’s also a highly skilled drone pilot. Eric is a gifted editor with over 16 years’ experience with Adobe Premiere and myriad other editing tools allowing him to deliver polished and edited to perfection pieces that will exceed your expectations. As a music connoisseur, Eric has a knack for editing to and selecting the perfect music, be it licensed commercial music or orchestrating original scores.

Eric is an accomplished athlete with experience ranging from month-long expeditions on remote Alaskan glaciers to epic quests into the unknown corners of the world. Having travelled throughout the world Eric has a deep respect for the locals he meets along the way and has an adaptable, fun-loving spirit that makes him great to work with in any environment.